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Learn this mainly alphabetic shorthand for better grades and faster work!

Within a few days of practice, you can obtain speed fast enough for classroom, lecture or research notetaking, about 40-80 words per minute. Higher speeds come with practice, such as needed for journalist reporter or secretary dictation work in the range of 80 to 125 wpm. I started work on "advanced" lessons for anyone wanting even faster speeds. You can usually complete a lesson in UNDER 15 MINUTES.

This notewriting system allows you to teach yourself. I promise you will find it easy. For demos, look at the videos below. Or see the ones below and more on YOUTUBE and other free video sites. If you like what you see, then obtain my video CD of all the lessons, as described below.

Download the free ebook for ALPHA SHORTHAND- you get all the Lessons 1 through 17.

Self-teaching shorthand EBOOK files: download a pdf file (AlphaScan.pdf) or a zip file ( For demos, see some videos below or on Youtube. , or obtain the video CD described below.



On this longer page, you will find all the info you could want to decide to learn ALPHA SHORTHAND. If you prefer other page, click this link to it - ALPHA SHORTHAND

INSTRUCTIONS. Practice the lessons anyway you want, however, I consider these my best instructions.

Do one lesson at a time, in the order given, in this recommended manner for fast learning:

Say the lesson word, then look at the shorthand for that word. We say the word to get the sound of the word and the feel for writing it in a shorter form.

Write the shorthand for the word as you say the word--do this at least four times per practice.

Then do the exercises--say/write each exercise word or phrase at least four times. Try to write faster.

DOWNLOAD the pdf or zip file of the ebook on this page to get all 17 lessons in the main book.

You will find the lessons simple and thorough. Each lesson has TWO PARTS: forms and exercises.

Forms - this shows you the shorthand form.

Exercises - this provides a list of practice words and phrases.

For example, LESSON 1 covers FORMS for: the - of - and - to, at a, an - in - that - this - they - them - than/then - there - these - though - those - thought. You learn the shorthand forms, then next practice them in the given exercises.

EXERCISE 01 covers frequent words and phrases made of the forms you just learned, such as: of the - and the - to the - at the - of a - and a - to a - to an - and a - to the - and the - and at - in the - in a - and a - and in - to them - in this - and they - and that - at that - and there - of these - that to them - and in that - and though the - and to them - and the thought that - Etc. An Exercise may repeat phrases.

Use daily the shorthand you just learned every chance you get. Try it in your notes, messages, research, and so on. The more you use it, the easier and faster it gets, till very soon it becomes second nature writing.

Since each lesson of forms and exercises takes less than 15 minutes, the entire course in this book takes less than three hours of total study and practice time.

Except for Lesson 17, which you can do at any point in the course, try to do the lessons in the order presented, since some lessons depend on what you learned in a previous one.

TO SEE THE CONTENT OF THE LESSONS, see bottom of this page. You may copy and print those pages to use for PRACTICE.

  You can download these Practice Sheets for Lessons 1-5 in a pdf

  When I have time, I will rotate some old yet useful Alpha material here. Since computer hard drive crashed a year ago and lost most material and videos, my archived disks can supply useful older material. I had several requests for more advanced lessons. I intend to re-create accents and reduced form pages. I have already recreated the accents sheet. So, currently here: you can click here to download an advanced tip sheet called "accent.pdf". This tip relies on using your simplest and shortest form for a word, then enhancing it, when needed, to clarify meaning by adding a small tag called "sound mark" or "accent". This will clarify such words as: meet met might - all shorthanded same way.



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To order DVD disc with videos. [NOTE - DVD ONLY AVAILABLE, IF BUY IT BUTTON ACTIVE below.] If you want to see author demonstrating each Lesson, then order his dvd. Video shows author writing this shorthand, doing exercises. Each Lesson has its own mp4 video that plays on computer. You select each lesson when you want to see it practiced. These video files on disc in mp4 format and play well on computer. They have no audio as audio not needed to learn shorthand. This data dvd available for those of you who want to see it written. Of course, you write your shorthand in your writing style, so you can read and understand it. Play these video files on your computer, click each individual lesson file that matches lesson number you want to study. If you want to study Lesson 6, on dvd click Lesson 6 method or Lesson 6 exercises. Dvd goes by U.S. mail, so you need to provide a shipping address when you order. [NOTE - DVD ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN YOU SEE A BUY IT BUTTON ACTIVE, and when active you can see a list of the video files on the DVD. DVDs take a tremendous amount of time to produce and delay my urgent other ongoing projects, so I only offer disks once in a great while when time permits.

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You can DOWNLOAD the free small ebook in a link on this page - download as ZIP or as PDF. The ebook you download has economy printing of two sheets per page. Pages appear small on screen, however you can use your pdf reader to expand or enlarge.

You can ORDER the LARGER EBOOK - see above. Larger Pdf Book runs 14 pages total, and prints full-sized 8.5 x 11 in. sheets, including a two-page quick reference sheet.

You can learn the Alpha Shorthand from either one of the above ebooks. If you want a dvd disc with videos to teach you, see if Paypal dropdown shows above. Nonaudio videos demonstrate all lessons, though I don't believe really needed since shorthand quite easy to learn.

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Search for "Alpha Shorthand" to see VIDEOS on other sites, including YOUTUBE. Happy notetaking and shorthanding!

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